We lost lives, shed blood but are never recognized, mau mau veterans


Despite their recommendable sacrifice in fight for independence, the government has been on very low key addressing their plights.

Led by their chairman Philip Nzuki Nguthu, the freedom fighters claimed they had been living in abject poverty many decades since the country achieved independence in 1963.

“We risked our lives, shed blood and lost property fighting against the colonialists but successive regimes have chosen to neglect us and we are not pleased,” said

He spoke during this year’s Mashujaa Day fete at Kitui Stadium in Kitui Town which was led by County Commissioner John Ondego and Deputy Governor Wathe Nzau.

“We have nothing much to celebrate on this day because we are still among the poorest Kenyans despite the fact that we risked our lives to fight for freedom,” lamented the 79-year-old Mau Mau war veteran.

The freedom fighters appealed for social and financial support from the national government to better their lives.

“We are still unable to afford decent shelter, healthy diet and health care. We ask the State to remember us and recognize our efforts to liberate Kenya from the yoke of colonial rule,” the Association’s chair emphasized.



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