Male teacher caught pants down with female pupil in Kitui

The aspiring MP eats girls' in exchange for other goodies including vitenge.

A primary school teacher is being held in police custody after he was caught red handed teaching his pupil how honeypot is ‘eaten.

He had locked himself up with the class 7 pupil in a lodging in Zombe in Kitui County.

According to the area Assistant Chief, Kilonzo Mutuku, the Thua Primary School teacher and his 15-year old pupil were caught at a lodging in Kimangau market.

The chief said the suspect was reported to him by mother to the victim.

This after mother to pupil had searched for her daughter for some hours, where a good Samaritan disclosed her whereabouts to the mother.

This is after they saw the 15-year-old pupil in company of the teacher going in of a room rented by the teacher.

Members of the public called me after they saw the girl in the lodging rented by the teacher,” said Mutuku .

It is then that the area chief alerted the Zombe police who forced their way inside the room and arrested teacher together with the pupil who was taken a health facilities for medical attention.

Mutuku has warned teachers with such behavior to stop and that this teacher will serve as an example as he’s set to appear before a court of law on Monday

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