Disabled persons should not be considered a curse, says PDAK official.


All human beings are candidates for disability and it is thus wrong to demean, look down upon or discriminate against a disable person, an official the Persons with Disability Association of Kitui, Monicah Muimi has cautioned.

“People with disability should not be considered a curse because everyone is a l candidates of disability. No one knows whether he will not end up being a disabled. One can develop a health complication or be disabled as a result of an accident,” said Muimi.

The PDAK official said at this age and times, any one becoming disable should not feel distressed but should consider it in his stride, accept and move on with life. She said being disabled is not the end of life.

Muimi lamented that many families consider a disabled person born in their midst a curse and keep them in solitude without declaring them or even seeking way to have them assisted to live normal lives.

She was speaking in Kitui town on Thusday when she led a group of disable persons in cleaning and sweeping the streets of Kitui town.

“Our activity was a gesture that disable people also have a contribution to make to the society and not always dependent on other people. It has boosted their self esteem and confidence,” she added.

She noted that it was misplaced for the community to think that people with disabilities are cursed. She said they needed to be treated like other human being and helped to live normal lives.

“The failure to declare disabled persons in families and holding them in solitude is inhuman. We should not hid them but bring them out so that they can get help.

She noted that her organization had a sacco that seeks to empower disable persons by extending to them friendly-low interest loans. “It is meant to financially empower them and reduce their dependency on other people,” she added.

Muimi said her group has also a talent search programme in which disabled people with special talents are identified and the same nurtured for income generation.

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