Mbee Nzei Bigwigs Desperate as County Coffers Run Dry


Kitui County Government is totally broke and it’s no secret.


No wonder Mbee Nzei cronies including their masters have declared an all-out war on the County Assembly to cow MCAs into passing the 2019/20 budget.


The Executive comprising of Governor Ngilu, County Secretary, County Ministers and Chief Officers are having it rough as county coffers have run dry thanks to their insatiable appetite for taxpayers’ dimes.


Word doing rounds in Town has it that county operations are almost grinding to a halt as there is no cash to flash around.


The electorate of Kitui and the County Assembly have developed severe migraines trying to comprehend how Ngilu Govt has gulped billions of shillings with zero development to show.


According to a section of Members of County Assembly, no one has denied the Executive funds as insinuated by mbee nzei regime.


The bone of contention is that the Executive has totally refused to be held accountable for billions of Kitui people’s money it has spent inexplicably over the past two years. 


“They just want the County Assembly to continue approving budgets without due oversight but that won’t happen whether they like it or not!” one of the MCAs told KituiOnline.


The elected leaders laughed off attempts by the Ngilu led administration to play them against the public as a tired tactic.


We know the Governor and her sympathisers have been lying to wananchi that Assembly is denying her funds so as to derail her development agenda but let her smell the coffee and wake up to the harsh reality that Kitui is short of fools. She either delivers or quit,” said another outspoken MCA who is also a fierce Ngilu critic.


But sure as the sun rises in the East, the day the executive will get this cash it will be silent processing claims and payment for their proxy companies while Kituians continue to pambana na hali yao.

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