My Ben 10 rocks it best


The name Ben 10 has been commonly used to refer to younger lovers who engage old women for sexual desires and of course, money.

Recently a mother to a very famous Tanzania based musician disclosed her love for her Ben ten.

Sandra Sanura aka Mama Dangote, Diamond Platinumz’s mother early this month made known her younger lover, Rally Jones.

According to the 48 year old granny, the duo are having fun and do not have plans of having babies.

Their union unveils best what the world has turned into. Women engage younger men and exploit them sexually in exchange for money.

Kanini Daniels, a 50 year old mother of three shared her story with me on why she opted to have a younger babe to have and to hold.

Kanini, a wealthy aged Sugar Mama told Kitui Online that despite her age, she needed a young and very energetic man to make her feel like a woman.

My babe is 27 and does it best. She makes me yearn for more of the doze and I eventually reward him accordingly,” said Kanini.

The tycoon with business interests in UK said that she has all the money anyone yearns for to have fun. “All my children are working and financially stable, all that is left is to live life and make love,” said the Mama who was a bit tipsy.

Asked about her husband, Kanini stated that everyone in their marriage has their own space. “After raising our children, everyone is free to make merry,” clarified the mother of three.

In this current error where those who have degrees are looking for jobs and those with jobs are rushing back to look for degrees, most youths have given up and can do anything for money.

Mark Kamau, a 29 year old salonist also disclosed that his hustle is poorly paying to an extent it can hardly support his day to day expenses and he charges random women for service.

Kamau,said that his vulnerable family back in the village solely depends on him so he has to go an extra rogue mile.

“My family sold almost everything to see me through University, seeing them languish in poverty after their sacrifice makes me almost mad,”

“I have to do what I do not because I love it but because my family members may sleep on hungry stomachs. My salon hustle where I get paid on commission cannot sustain us, narrated sad Mark” narrated the sad Salonist who also doubles as a commercial sex worker at night.


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