Why you should never delete EX’s phone number


Although many tend to block or delete ex lovers mobile numbers, what they forget is that the former lover might be of great help tomorrow.

Getting a spouse nowadays is a whole process full of emotional frustrations and neglect.

As the saying goes, ‘things change’ for sure you might find yourself calling his close friends or family members to send you his phone number, so keep it and save yourself the embarrassment.

One major reason to keep his number is because, before moving on, especially for ladies, dry spell might knock you down and find oneself yearning for his embrace.

Personally, I would consider him for the temporary job other than looking for a fresh candidate hence, better the devil you know..

Some ex girlfriends could also be nurses and one might get sick at night thus the call for a night nurse.

Secondly, despite what might have caused the break up, they are still human beings and man is to error, they also deserve a second chance. So keep their phone numbers.


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