Police hunting Kitui east MP Nimrod Mbai over Sh2 million debt.


Kitui High Court has ordered the OCS in Nairobi’s Central Police Station to immediately arrest Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai and deliver him to the Kitui court.

The MP was taken to court by his lawyer Wilfred Nyamu Mati of Nyamu and Nyamu advocates after he failed to settle the legal fees.


The law firm represented Nimrod in the petition lodged by Mwendwa Kitute, his political rival in 2017 polls.


Nyamu confirmed the warrant was valid and that his firm successfully defended him in a petition challenging his election but Nimrod refused to pay even a single coin of the legal fees.


Hon Nimrod Mbaki’s warrant of arrest

These are to command you to arrest the said Nimrod Mbithuka Mbai and unless he shall pay to you the sum of shillings 2, 212, 670.40 as noted in the margin together with executing officers expenses and fees, if only, to bring the said judgment-debtor before the court with all convenient speed,” reads the decree dated October 17, 2019.

The court had issued a decree of payment against Nimrod which he had been served with but he failed to settle the sum.

The court further ordered him to appear in court which he again failed to honour, prompting the issuance of the arrest warrant.

If found guilty, he risks six months committal to civil jail for failure to settle the debt.

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