Raila’s demeaning utterance spurs criticism

Nasa leader Rt Hon. Raila Odinga speaking during the opening of the Kitui Villa Hotel in Kitui town on Tuesday /Musembi Nzengu

ODM leader Raila Odinga has been greatly criticized by Ukambani leaders following the demeaning remarks against the Kamba women he made over the weekend.Raila made the remarks while at Kibera where he led a high profile delegation including the three Ukambani Governors.The accompaniment was in an attempt to rally the Kamba community to back up the ODM candidate in the upcoming Kibra constituency by-elections.



In his speech, Raila stated,”Kambas are faithful, just like women. When they want to give it to you, they surely will’.


However, his sentiments have come under very sharp criticism where most leaders have demanded for apologies stating Raila’s statement portrayed women as sexually loose hence insulting them.


The ODM leader’s utterance was criticized on Monday where they had attended the first anniversary memorial service of late Mzee Mairu, former Vice president’s father in Tseikuru.


Kalonzo stated that his party chose to remain neutral in the Kibra By-elections.


“Just like President Uhuru has not been seen drumming support for any candidate in Kibera, we have also opted to follow that route and focus on 2022,” said the former VP.


Kitui women representative, Irene Kasalu, said that Kamba women are not loose and the three governors who were invited to Kibera campaigns are the ones who portrayed cheapness by hurriedly showing up after Raila’s call, making him make that conclusion.


“We demand apologies from Raila after his humiliating sentiments which were accelerated by the three governors who immediately rushed to his calling in the name of representing the community,” said Kasalu .


On his take on Raila’s weekend remarks, Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi pointed out that such words are very shameful emanating from a presidential candidate like Odinga.


Expressing his dissatisfaction, Mwingi West MP Charles Nguna pointed out that Raila should apologize to all women on the earth as he did not only offend Kamba women but every woman across the universe.


“I know my mother is not a ‘generous’ woman and I hope Raila was intoxicated and should apologize now that he’s gained consciousness,” Nguna stated.



Pointing out the demeaning words, Mwingi North MP Paul Nzengu said it is a shame that Wiper is still in NASA and added that it is high time the political bond is broken. Nzengu urged Kalonzo to cut ties with friends who are biting his back.



Commenting on the same over the phone, Kitui Senator Hon. Enoch Wambua stated that what Raila said was so unfortunate and the Kamba community does not deserve the insult considering that Kalonzo has shelved his presidential candidature twice to support Raila.The Senator added that this is the right time for Wiper to break Nasa and form other coalitions.


The leaders also wondered why the three governors were not seen at Embakasi south By elections.


Other political leaders who had attended the memorial service included Masinga MP, Joshua Mwalyo, Kaiti MP, Joshua Kimilu, Kilome MP, Thaddeus Nzambia among others.






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