Why Ngilu’s KCHIC will remain a pipe dream

Kitui County Health Insurance Cover, K-CHIC Card unveiled by Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu to cater for the locals health costs at the public hospitals

While the intent to provide health care to Kituians was evident, things on the ground are different; the current state of policy confusion, haggle over the management of public resources for health services persists.

Once Health CS, H.E Charity Ngilu now the Kitui Governor had a ‘heaven’ Manifesto as far as Health care is concern earning her bonus votes in 2017.

To implement this pillar, Kitui County Health Insurance Cover (K-chic) was born.

The responsibility of providing quality and accessible healthcare for all lies on the national and county governments with the national government being responsible for policy formulation and managing referral hospitals while county governments are charged with managing health facilities within their jurisdiction.

Unfortunately, this is not what is happening in Kitui, and residents pursuit to access health is frustrated, thus the realization of Universal health care in the near future might be a pipe dream.

The provision to affordable and quality health requires a right based and public good approach with the primary responsibility lying on governments and not a market forces approach, where the for profit private players dominate.

Ngilu’s led administration seeming to remain mute on Key questions revolving around Kitui County Health Insurance Cover (K-chic) such as How much was collected as registration fees, How Safe is our data, who manages the program, Numbers in terms of Milestones etc.

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