Exposed: Ngilu’s 2022 gameplan which spells doom for Kitui

H. E Charity Kaluki Ngilu - Governor, Kitui County

Governor Charity Ngilu’s unfazed disposition as Kitui crumbles around her has left all and sundry baffled at her endgame as 2022 beckons.


But her well guarded game plan has finally leaked: Ngilu will not defend her seat come 2022!


According to a close and trusted ally of the County Chief, Ngilu is not interested in a second term as Kitui Governor but has her guns trained on the country’s top leadership.


“That’s why she is busy aligning herself with Raila and his ilk. She has her eyes set on something bigger,” intimated the source.


“Watu wa Kitui wanafikiria nitaitisha hii kiti 2022 ndio waniadhibu. Watacheka sana (Kitui electorate are counting on punishing me at the ballot thinking I’ll defend the seat but they’ll be in for a rude shock),” Ngilu is alleged to have told her aides in a gibelike tone.


Kituians should brace for tougher times ahead if Ngilu’s alleged plan to ditch Kitui after 2022 is anything to go by.


“They should be ready for more misappropriation and raw theft of public funds as lack of meaningful development takes the center stage,” said a local political analyst who declined to be named for fear of reprisal.


“No one should expect Ngilu’s administration to deliver on her manifesto because she is not out to please anyone. After all, she stands to lose nothing as long as EACC and DCI are kept off her back till her term expires,” he noted.


This comes in the backdrop of unsuccessful attempts by the County Assembly to have the Executive come clean on fraudulent expenditure of over Sh.1.9 billion meant for assorted development projects for 2018-19 fiscal year.


The Assembly had approved the funds for dozens of multi-million development projects including Sh. 685 million for CLIDP, Sh. 200 million for 20 mega dams and Sh. 40 million for ECDE classrooms but none was implemented todate though the funds we vapourized.

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