Ngilu’s advisor exposed, embarrassed for paying praise and worship team.


A Kitui top officer was over the weekend badly and publicly exposed for sending handout to a kitui resident after defending her on a popular WhatsApp group.


The outspoken online user dubbed Rollon exposed the officer for sending him 2,100 saying that he wasn’t doing it for payment.

M-Pesa confirmation message

Fatuma Ngesa, Ngilu’s communication Advisor sent Rollon an appreciation after he praised and worship mbee nzei government.


However, unknown whether the amount was too little following the task performed or Rollon was doing it out of good faith, he later sent the mpesa message to one social media group.

Before government critics could type, Rollon had already released a bombshell to Madam Ngesa who appeared to have a norm of sending ‘tea’ to the praise team.

Fatuma Ngesa exposed for sending mpesa

Rollon slammed Fatuma’s move and publicity stated that her efforts were demeaning and the guy was worth paying her salary for ten years without him feeling any slight financial pain.

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However, Ngesa chose to remain silent on the matter.


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