KICOTEC: A Showcase To Bargain For More Resources To Counties


The Kitui county textile centre (KICOTEC) is becoming a brand name for the county. The factory is a great investment by the County Government of Kitui.


Mulaimu Mavusyu, a former MP aspirant in Kitui has defined the industry as the wealth creation conduit for the county.


“The fact that this innovative venture created instant jobs for more than 350 of the most deserving Kitui residents, is worth appreciating and supporting,” Mavusyu said.


The politician said the skills and experience instilled in the minds of the county youths is of great value and hope for the future of Kitui community . The multiplayer effect of the money in circulation from this industry has great economic impact to the county.


Mulaimu added that if similar factories will be build in Mwingi and Mutomo they would create excitement to the unemployed youth.


“As President Uhuru Kenyatta is happy with the venture, Kyle MacCater, US Ambassador to Kenya, saw it in an international exhibition and voted for it,” he added.


He congratulated the Kitui County Assembly for passing The Corporation Act and advised the assembly to give the industry adequate resources to grow.


Mulaimu has added that the lovers of devolution must celebrate Kitui, KICOTEC is a showcase and a good bargain for more resources to the counties to fund such projects.





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