Riots in Kitui South after influential person grabs locals’ 740-acre land


Residents of Kitenzele village in Kanziku Ward, within remote Kitui South, are up in arms after an influential person from the area grabbed their ancestral land.


The locals yesterday held demonstrations to demand justice over their 740-acres land that they claim is being grabbed by the greedy individual (name withheld).


Bearing tree branches, the irate villagers marched along a cutline which the alleged grabber’s henchmen established around their land, crying for justice and eventually barricaded it with thickets.

Riots in Kitui South after influential person grabs locals’ 740-acre land

They expressed fears that the fate of over 32 families that inhabit the large tract of land hangs in the balance as the unscrupulous tycoon intends to fence of the area.


“This is our ancestral land which we inherited rightfully from our forefathers. I was born here but somebody is trying to force us out of our inheritance,” said 75-year-old Patrick Matuku.


He maintained that the piece of land in question had been surveyed in 2016 and every dweller provided with a unique parcel number.


Kituti Musingila, 65, said it was absurd for someone to lay claim to the land he had known to be his homeland since childhood and vowed that they will stay put no matter what.


The distraught residents also petitioned for swift intervention from the government to ward off the suspected private developer.


“We urge the government to hear our cry and protect us from whoever is trying to forcibly take our land and render us landless and homeless,” appealed Philomena Kwova.

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