Transition from primary to secondary school will remain a fallacy, MP Nguna.

Mwingi West Mp, Charles Nguna

Mwingi West Mp Charles Ngusya Nguna has raised concern on 100% transition from primary to secondary school claiming that the transition has shown no effect since it was implemented.

Nguna stated that the transition might remain a fallacy if the government will not put proper measures towards it therefore urged the government through the ministry of education to locate adequate funds to secondary school to make the exercise run smoothly.

According to Nguna it is totally impossible for the transition to work effectively because there are so many primary schools compared to secondary schools.

“In my constituency there are 128 primary schools but only 51 secondary schools”, stated CNN.

The legislator further said that the government should identify vulnerable students before their entry into secondary school, and as they transition between classes in a secondary school so that they can be able to have a successful transition.

Speaking on Wednesday during a burial of a businessman from his constituency Nguna pointed out that the government implemented the transition so quickly that’s why it lacked tangible results.

“It is a very good system of education but the government should have done it in a proper and slower way to ensure all measures are put in place”, added CNN

Eventually the government of Kenya should have all the processes in place to monitor the wellbeing and progress of all students so as to make the transition successful.


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