Is there any man looking for a wife material to marry?


A keen look at our girls today, everyone wants to live a lavish life.

I tend to pity unmarried men who are looking for girls to settle with, especially a young man who has the intentions of keeping his woman in the village.

Girls have turned into slay queens, with most terming them Boss ladies.

Will a boss lady look for firewood in the bushes, look after cattle, and sweep the compound every morning before milking goats and making tea in those rural kitchens full of smoke and soot?

Current young women want money, want to travel across and beyond the borders.

“I can’t limit myself in one man, in the name of marriage,” a 25 year old disclosed.

According to the girl who just finished her campus but hasn’t secured a job yet though she dresses to kill, drives a Subaru impreza, her hairstyle can’t go unnoticed also, marriage is the most boring, restricting union.

“ I cannot have myself get pregnant for a man over and over again, I am learned and my career comes first, settling with a man is my least expectation,” stated our slay queen.

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Asked whether she is dating, she dismissed the question stating she’s happily sponsored.

So men who are looking for women to marry, it is my advice that you understand that most wife material’s minds have been corrupted by money, comfort, career and worse of all, sponsors have taken their position too.


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