OPINION: Ukambani’s sudden Revolution is here.


    Political Capital of Governors Kivutha,Mutua and Ngilu rises further


    The political landscape in Ukambani is quickly changing.


    The 3 Ukambani Governors are the Major Beneficiaries and are ripping big. Charity Ngilu’s party, NARC is expected to take all seats in Kitui County while Dr.Alfred Mutua’s Maendeleo Chap Chap (MCC) is expected to take all seats in Machakos County. In the meantime Prof.Kivuthas stock has risen in the country where his devolution implementation has won Makueni County accolades across the world and the other counties have been using the Makueni model as a yardstick in various projects they are planning to do.


    In light of this and due to Prof.Kivuthas development record and his age, the three Governors are understood to let him take the lead charge. It is also understood that the Ukambani residents see him as a role model, humble, easily accessible, development oriented, firm and decisive while his liberation hero status stands unblemished.


    As the political stock of the political heavyweights rises, that of Kalonzo Musyoka is dwindling at an increasing rate. This has been occasioned by his strategic blunders overtime and the awakening in Ukambani that he has had no meaningful development since he was in Government for all those decades and a new enlightened generation which believes change is good and inevitable and the status quo is unsustainable.


    Moreover, it has not been lost to keen observers that Kalonzo’s late father was called Mairu, something all Kambas never knew. The name Mairu is associated with the Neighbouring Tharaka-Nithi/Mbeere tribe and this has had a major impact in the loss of support for Kalonzo as people see him as having been a Kamba imposter all along. His politics of revenge and disruption of the 3 counties political order through the County Assemblies has also eroded his support.


    A case in point is in the Kibra by-election where Mairu’s aka Mbuvu’s(Popo) candidate got only 260 votes while that of the 3 Governors got over 20,000 votes and the Mutonguni Ward by-election where Mairu led his team of Wiper Chairman Makwere and the whole wiper secretariat, several MPs, the local Senator and Woman Rep and tens of MCAs in campaigning for his candidate only to be floored by Dr.Alfred Mutua’s candidate. Mutua never went to the ground, he only sent his Junior staff to campaign for his candidate.


    ODM has also severed ties with Wiper party and Raila Amolo Odinga no longer receives Mairu’s calls. What makes it worse is that ODM cut it’s ties with Wiper party in Kitui.


    The smart and pragmatic Wiper politicians have shifted support and now support the clarion call of the 3 Governors. They no longer receive calls from Mairu whose Water Melon tag has been used to make them look confused and indecisive. Word on the ground is that they are jostling for a seat on the high table of the 3 Governors.


    Intelligence reports indicate that the change in Ukambani will send such a shock wave in 2022 that it will kill the political careers of Wiper politicians.


    The revolution has been fueled by Anti-Water Melon Politics Young Turks in the 3 Ukambani  who have been resilient, relentless, straight and focused in their messaging for the last 2 years that Mairu has done no meaningful development, is indecisive, selfish, an intellectual lightweight incapable of any smart and great strategic political moves, and his politics are confused thus losing his political clout.

    The messaging seems to have worked wonders and they are now the go to Young Turks in Ukambani as politicians avoid antagonising them at their own peril.

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