Kasolo leaves Facebook, netizens blame his Pride


On Monday Kamba’s Gospel hit maker Stephen Kasolo alias Kitole took to his official Facebook page that he would be leaving Facebook family for Instagram.


A move that was received with mixed reactions. Most of his followers were against the move terming it as a pride based move.

Kasolo was ready for all sorts of comment as he told his critics off.

“Watu wa ile Kamati Kujisajili ni Free tunasoma comments zenu😁🤣😂” he commented.

Here are some reactions 

Cate Cate: Kwani who are you? You have nothing special.. pride comes before a fall. Hata sisi siku moja tutaafford bundles za kuingia instagram. Unaonyesha Mungu kiburi. Umekua kama ringtone siku hizi, no difference at all

Valerie Mercy: Pride comes before a fall😁😁…Niko na helmet rusheni mawe 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Nyathi Kowino: Penzi letu bby yani mpaka instagram yawa

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