Young professionals to host first community dialogue in Mutomo -Kitui South


 “Each person you meet influences your mental universe in a way that has the potential to make a substantial impact upon the causality of the intellectual development of an entire species.”
Abhijit Naskar (Love, God & Neurons: Memoir of a scientist who found himself by getting lost)


On Friday December 6th, all roads lead to Mutomo Town in Kitui South for the first professionals’ community dialogue in the region.

The event has been organised by the Kitui South young professionals, the umbrella body for all youthful professionals from or based in Kitui South whose mission is to promote a youthful professionals’ network.

It is completely a professional non-political conference with a majority of the senior professionals from the region already having endorsed and contributed funds towards the sponsorship of the event that has been organized by their juniors.

Themed ‘Kitui-Mutomo-Kibwezi Highway: Road Safety & Available business opportunities for socio-economic Development’ the conference will bring together participants from far and wide in the vast Kitui South constituency comprised of professionals, the business community, religious leaders, youth & women groups, cooperatives, CBOs, FBOs and opinion shapers.

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A variety of topical issues have been identified for presentation by experts and for discussion during the plenary sessions as guided by the theme of the day.

They include value addition in the value chains of bee keeping for honey and other bee products, kuku kienyeji, goat and cattle rearing for meat, as well as the various healthy consumable wild fruits like Mabuyu and tamarinds whose improved packaging, branding and marketing can play a huge role towards poverty eradication in the region through wealth creation and financial empowerment for locals.

Others are mineral wealth (limestone, iron ore, sand, magnesium and copper among others) and   ecotourism whose harnesing is imperative towards the enhancement of the socio-economic status of Kitui South and the creation of job opportunities and wealth for her people.

Other topics for presentation include the guiding principles/best practices in road safety and security, roles of professionals, development partners, the media and the youth in fostering socio-economic change and development in Kitui South.

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It is a conference for the many not the few and you can’t miss this one.

“That’s the ideal meeting…once upon a time, only once, unexpectedly, then never again.”
Helen Oyeyemi

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