Leader’s intervention restore jobs for ousted touts in Kitui


Kitui West parliamentary hopeful Muasya Mutiso on Wednesday came to the rescue of Kabati Stage Assistants(Makangas) who were on the verge of losing their livelihoods following a sinister move to replace them with a new group.

By the time of his intervention, the group had stayed for three weeks without work, turning them into instant beggars.

These touts have operated from the said stage for more than 20 years, KituiOnline has learnt.


It’s alleged this ‘fight’ has been instigated by a senior Kitui West CDF official who allegedly has been using police to intimidate a group of touts who are said not to be aligned to his political inclination.

KituiOnline has learned that the move is aimed at establishing control over the touts ahead of 2022. The group under siege is said to have been staunch supporters of the late MP but have fallen off with the current leadership.

The CDF official, who also doubles as Chairman of the Kabati Matatu SACCO is said to be playing this hidden card to achieve long term political goals.

According to business owners in Kabati, and who have worked with these touts for years, the move of dislodging these touts from the stage has not only affected their ability to provide for their families but also has the potential of bringing insecurity in the peaceful and always safe town.

County Police Commander, Mr. Johana Tonui, who chaired the arbitration meeting has called on sacco officials to solve the problem amicably bearing in mind the rights of all stakeholders including passengers.

He further called on Subcounty Administrator to work with the community to identify individuals who can manage bus stage.

Kabati residents heaped praise on Hon. Muasya for taking the initiative to bring a back to work solution to this group of youths, a move that has earned him the name ‘Mtetezi wa Wanyonge’

“Forcing these people out of the Matatu terminus will is a recipe for insecurity in the area. Most will opt for other sources of income” Mwende, a Kabati resident said.

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