Find out why Kitui MCA’s are silent

The Kitui county Assembly chambers.

For some time now, there has been peace in Kitui, free from the Assembly talks of impeaching Governor Ngilu following claims that she is not delivering to Musangi as per residents’ expectations.

Majority of radio stations, online platforms, including the main stream media would hardly go for days without the focus on Kitui.

This piece is to clarify why the members of county assembly have held their horses.

According to Kitui’s Chief Whip, Governor Ngilu has finally agreed to deliver to residents.

Stephen Musili commonly known as Kivunzi stated that what stirred hot air in Kitui is Governor Ngilu’s habit of working with goons and not following government systems.

“Governor Ngilu has finally settled on working for her electorates and we hope she delivers,” said the Kyuso Mca.

In accordance to his utterances, Kivunzi stated that reading Governor Ngilu’s body language, there might be a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

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The Whip promised that if nothing is done on the ground, they will be optionless but to go back and tell their voters that they have done their part of passing the budget and it is upon the Executive to pass it and deliver.

“Our aim to ensure that residents who voted us in see the sense of casting their votes,” remarked Kivunzi



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