Widow pleads for help after raising two disabled children for 25 years


A middle-aged woman is now pleading for help after solely raising her two disabled children.

According to Mbula Kasyula who ails from Kyuso ward in the deep parts of Mwingi north sub county , her husband passed on 20 years ago leaving her with the burden of raising their two disabled children.

The two, Jane Kasyoka, 25 and Sammy Muimi ,24 have been on wheel chairs from their childhood, to date.

According to her mother, Jane was born with all her body parts fully functioning until at one and half years when she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

“I took her to a hospital near our home where she received medical care but when we returned home, she could not sit or stand,” narrated the mother.

When she made attempts to take her to the hospital again to explain what had happened after the girl was cured from Pneumonia, the doctors said she might have developed spinal code problems.

The mother then took her home hoping she would improve but up to date, she has never walked.

Sammy Muimi, was born with weak legs and has never walked since birth but his hands are strong, according to his mother.

Outlining the challenges she faces raising her two disabled children, the mother of four stated that she has exhausted all she had while taking care of them.

“Ever since their father passed on, I have been on my own and meeting their expenses is very cumbersome,” stated the mother.

Mbula disclosed that she initially used to take them to a boarding special school in Mombasa for care but she stopped citing hard financial times she currently faces.

“From my home to the special boarding school in Mombasa, I had to hire a taxi because they cannot board public service vehicles among other expenses,” the widow outlined.

In addition, Mbula said that the two also take special food, has to purchase wheelchairs for them at ksh.40,000 each which are in a bad state now and is also not capable of hiring a person to take care of the duo.

Mbula also noted that the ksh. 2000 she receives from the government through National Funds for Disabled Kenya is too little as their expenses are too high.


Mbula’s eldest daughter who works in Nairobi is neither of help too for she has a medical condition [epilepsy] where she is mostly in and out of hospital.

“My elder daughter sometimes requires my financial backup to aid her get medical attention,” Mbula.

Mbula who operates a small shop in their Kyanika home pleads for anyone with a helping heart to help her with her burdens which have drained her finances for over 20 years now.

“I plead to any well-wisher to come to my aid and financially support me in order for me to fully take care of my children,” pleaded the mother of four.

Madam Kasyula stated that if a good Samaritan helped her put up a business, she would also be in a position to take her lastborn son to school who just completed form four.

According to her, Sammy Muimi if assisted can operate a computer because his hands are strong only that he cannot walk.

Sammy also stated that if a well-wisher could help him build a house for him, he would appreciate for he also hopes to settle with a family one day.

Jane Kasyoka on her side, said she can oversee a business for her legs and hands are weak.

for any good Samaritan, contact Mbula Kasyula through,0726268588


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