EXPOSED: The suffering Kituians go through under Ngilu’s amenity ward.


Kitui residents who seek treatment in Kitui County Referral Hospital, private wing (Amenity Ward) suffer silently.

Ngilu’s Amenity ward was to offer first class Healthcare to Kitui residents but that seem not to be the case.

Patients have been doing not less than 24 hours with zero Doctor’s supervision despite paying huge amounts for the same.

The Kitui health system, Amenity services is one of the most dangerous in Kenya, producing the worst outcomes as measured by those affected by professional negligence.

Among professional negligence on Tuesday, January 14th led to the death of two patients, according to patient in cube 3 is that the bodies of the two remained in the wards for more than 8 hours unattended.

One of those who died had his x-ray report from Machakos level 5 Hospital unattended for close to 66 hours.

In the case of Kitui’s amenity wing, it is clear that there was medical negligence.

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There was no duty of care on the (patient) as expected of a medical facility, Private wing.

The patients in same ward  admitted that indeed the patient was not handled in accordance to the required standards of care and the same could have led to the demise (of the patients) as guardian had opted to transfer one of the patient to other health facility a night before the Demise, said anonymous

“There could be more cases of unreported medical negligence in the facility. When negligence is identified, the facilities are liable for the laxity of the persons they employ.” he added

In other cases,  Blood and stool results delay upto 48 hours forcing patients to seek same services from other facilities whose results are used inside Kitui County Referral Hospital.

Before Online noisemakers start trying to respond to, pay a visit to the facility and engage the patients on how often they see a doctor.

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Our efforts to get an official response from the Hospital management bore no fruit as Med Sup, Madam Virginia promised to call back with a report which she did not do 48 hours later.


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