April Wedding Cut-Off By Garissa Militia Ambush

A teacher killed by Al Shabaab Militants in Garissa County

A family in Kyuso Sub-County, Kitui is still struggling to come to terms with the brutal murder of their innocent son.Sammy Muthui, aged 29, met his untimely death on Monday when suspected Al Shabaab militants ambushed Kamuthe Boarding school in Garissa County.

According to his father Bernard Kimanzi, it is a big blow to the family as Sammy was set to get married in April this year adding they are in dilemma what to tell the expected bride.

The family stated that they are in shock that armed men would attack innocent and unarmed person as according to his father, Sammy was asleep before the heavily armed militia struck at around 2 AM on the fateful day robbing him and family, a young soul.

Kimanzi also stated that it is a blow for Sam to pass on at a very young age having invested so much on him, thus the National Government should compensate the family accordingly.

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Describing his character, Mzee Kimanzi who seemed deeply disturbed by his last born character, termed him as a very calm young man who got along well with everyone not only at Mwikya village where he was born and brought up at but also at everywhere he stepped.He has also been very supportive to his aging parents until his demise.

The deceased has been a TSC teacher at Kamuthe Boarding Primary, his first post center.


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