we demand compensation following locust invasion-Mwingi farmers

locusts invasion in Kitui
It is a week now since huge swarms of desert locusts invaded Kitui County.

Cases of crop damage has been reported in Tseikuru, Ngomeni ,Nguni and Kyuso wards of Mwingi North.
Despite the aerial spraying that has been conducted thrice in Mwingi the swarms of desert locusts are still moving around from one place to another while destroying crops and animal feeds.
Farmers are spending sleepless night trying to chase away the stubborn insect using manual method.
Theophilus Kimanzi a farmer from Mutwangombe area said that the insects have fed on his millet and maize combs.
Kimanzi urged the government to compensate them and ensure a proper measure is put to ensure the locusts die for the aerial spray done is not effective. 
According to Esther Kyallo a farmer from Nguni ,she expected a bumper harvest of more than 10 bags of green grams but now she has nothing to harvest since three quarter of her crops have been eaten by locusts.
Esther is now calling upon the government to compensate her for the loss .

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Another farmer from Enziu area in Mwingi Julius Kyallo Maluki narrated how the dangerous insects have wasted their time as they try to chase them away so as to stop them from feeding on their crops.

Kyallo who termed the exercise tiresome pleaded with the government to step in and compensate them on the crops that have been eaten by the desert locusts.
According to Kyallo the locusts have eaten his maize and cow peas.
Another farmer from Mathiakani area in Mwingi Martha Ngumbau whose crops have been eaten by the insect urged the government to spray more chemical on the locusts as they are destroying their crops massively.
She also urged the government to make plans on how they farmers will be compensated on the crops damaged by the desert locusts.


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