Kitui: Kenya power top management turn fraudsters 


Kenya power staff, Kitui have turned to be fraudsters.


This explains the frequent Electricity Black outs in Kitui town and its environs due to harsh working conditions by Kenya power staff.


They have severally claimed victimisation from their two well known senior staff.


The ‘two people CARTEL’ is comprised of two officers who are not more than two years at the station.


It’s alleged the two have emerged to be millionaires due to the ‘black market’ which they have been involved in for quite sometime.




KituiOnline has established that the two officers have deliberately slowed meter application process and hastening processes for those who scratch their back.


The two seniors are always at Chinese Contractors stations negotiating for kickbacks to facilitate for rerouting.


A well known case the two have entered into a deal with the contractor who had been contracted to tarmac the NAIVAS -NATIONAL OIL feeder road in Kitui town (TIMAX), where they are said to have pocketed close to Ksh.400,000 in order to assist the contractor not to follow the due process that should be followed in Re-rooting Power lines.


Normally, when Re-rooting is required to be done, the contractor is supposed to liase with the Kenya Power, which is supposed to develop a guideline and the cost that one should pay to the kplc, where the kplc gives the contractor approval to undertake the Re-rooting exercise.


Instead, the ‘two man cartel’ ignored and assumed the procedure and pocketed huge amounts from the contractor and later forced the KPLC field staffs to undertake Re-rooting responsibility, None of the staff received a penny from this shoddy scandal.


*The second scandal is whereby, the same two officers colluded and replaced a ‘Single phase’ transformer with a ‘Three phase’ transformer without following the due process as anchored in KPLC laws.


This was fraudulently done at ‘Kwa Kisinga, Mulutu few metres from Unyaa.


The cartel went on and landed themselves in a third scandal which involved the removal of Postpaid metres and replacing them with Prepaid metres at Kabati, Equity Bank Building known as ‘Ngunanga’


Susan Mumo( not the real name for anonymity) is said to have urgently sought for a transfer to Kiambu County from Kitui KPLC station after one of the rogue officers threatened to initiate her sacking.


The officer is said to have tried to assault the lady after she declined to do ‘love’ with him.


These are among many scandals which are associated with the two senior rogue officers whereby the entire Kitui KPLC staff and the Kitui Business community are calling upon the relevant authorities to take up quick actions and investigate on the said officers.


Our sources have revealed to us that the Kitui KPLC staff can never be comfortable working in the station unless the two officers are transferred.



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