Myello bows to pressure, shaves off dreadlocks


Justus Myello has finally shaved, this comes after his fans and church leadership expressed concern on his new look.

Through his social media platforms he shared video while being shaved.

It’s been hardly less than a month since Kamba songbird, artist, Myello rocked the internet with his new dreadlocks in his latest Song ‘NIONGOZE’ that left many ‘shocked’, including Church leaders.

Fans have been in his comment section asking him to shave off the dreads while others encouraged the move.

It’s alleged that some churches had cancelled Myello’s performance after the change of Hairstyle.

Here are some of the comments;

Queen Xarah: Hyu alianza na roho anamaliza namwili

Donald Kimame: Pesa husubua Sana akili dogo. Money is for mature people who can handle the pressure of wealth and fame.

Jacqueline Mwethya Kazole: Myello i love your music big ….but hapa imezidi oooh NO….not smart ,not warthy.

Milly Milly: Been waiting for something like this, ilikua imechukua muda hata. Many r called but few r chosen

Onesmus Walker: I fully support Justus. We gotta understand that the world is changing. So is the people’s preferences. I fully support Myello, as far as he does pure modern gospel.


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