Allegations of the Corona virus hit Mutomo,Kitui


In under 24 hours, social media has been thrown into a frenzy after allegations arose of the dreaded Corona virus.

Brought to light by an an anonymous proxy through blogger Robert Alai, the virus that has been razing the Chinese could be in Kenya.  According to the proxy, the Chinese camped at Mutomo, in Kitui county, have reportedly sneaked in a Chinese national who might be a threat to the people in the camp.

Controversial blogger,Robert Alai posted a screen shot photo of the message from the proxy on his official social media platforms.

A screenshot photo of the message from an anonymous proxy holed up in the Chinese camp at Mutomo,Kitui County. According to the proxy, the Chinese national smuggled into the camp could be a prevalent case of the Corona virus.

In a subsequent tweet, the city blogger further affirmed that Kitui county health officials had been dispatched to the camp to ascertain the allegations. They however, were turned away by the residents of the camp.

“Kitui health officers sent to investigate the suspected case of #CoronaVirus at a Chinese Camp in Mutomo have been chased away by the racist Chinese leadership of the camp.The Chinese are led by one An Shuai 0799945147” Alai tweeted. 

It is however reported that the suspected individual was finally taken into quarantine.

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