Kitui County disburses bursaries worth 60 Million


Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has today launched issuance of school bursaries totalling to Ksh 60M.

Speaking during the launch at  Matinyani shopping centre on Sunday February 23, Governor Ngilu presented a dummy cheque for the bursaries to the public.

The governor urged  students from the county  to concentrate on their studies and shun immoral behaviour.

She further called on parents and guardians to support girls in education and encouraged them to work hard in school.

The bursaries will benefit more than 10,000 learners, each ward benefiting being given a Ksh 1.5M kitty. The beneficiaries were selected at the village level through public participation.

Secondary schools have an allocation of at least Ksh 38M, while Universities and Colleges received in excess of more than Ksh 14M. Vocational Centres on the other hand received bursaries in excess of1 Ksh 4M with  special schools getting more than Ksh 2M.

The event took place at Matinyani Shopping centre in Kitui West.

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