Kitui County gets maiden Export Processing Zone (EPZ)

Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu adressing youths at a past event in Kitui town

In yet another milestone for Kitui County and the larger Ukambani region, Kitui County EPZ Limited has been gazetted. This Export processing Zone, EPZ will be situated at Syongila area.

The Kitui County EPZ Limited will host the iconic Kitui County Textile Centre (KICOTEC) which will now enjoy the coveted EPZ manufacturing status.

The gazettement will open a plethora of opportunities for Governor Charity Ngilu’s flagship project, KICOTEC, which has already attracted a lot of interest from within and without the country.

Governor Ngilu welcomed the EPZ status and noted it as an important milestone towards making Kitui attractive to private investors; who will establish more industries, employ more youths and create wealth for the people of Kitui.

Official Kenya Gazzete for the Kitui County EPZ dated February, 28 2020.

The EPZ license also paves way for the facility to attract direct garment orders from Europe, Asia and the United States that will earn the county more revenue. This additional revenue will be injected into social programs such as water, healthcare, infrastructure and empowerment.

“The last one year since we established KICOTEC has been exciting for allof us here as the county. The gazettment as an EPZ is another milestone and we embrace this achievement and moment proudly,” said Governor Ngilu.

The Governor also noted that this could not have come at a better time since the County is set to establish two more branches in Mutomo and Mwingi.

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