Governor Alfred Mutua: We are Several Steps ahead of the Corona Virus


The Machakos county governor has noted that the county is keen to staying several steps ahead of the razing corona virus. The governor said this via his official Facebook page after an emergency meeting at his Machakos county offices on Wednesday February, 4.

“I have this morning attended a crucial meeting on emergency plans to deal with the Corona Virus threat at the Council of Governors.

The meeting brought together National Government health officials and County government’s health officials to compare notes and establish a common strategy.

The new Cabinet Secretary of health, my friend Hon. Mutahi Kagwe made it clear that as leaders, we need to approach the Corona Virus threat as a “when” not an “if” – of occurring in Kenya. Kenya is a regional hub with massive movements of people from all over the world through our border points.

We do not have any case of an infected person with the Corona Virus in Machakos County or Kenya. However, we are preparing for a worst case scenario.

In Machakos county, we have already set up protocols and measures to protect our citizens and to deal with any imminent outbreak.

We have already designated two locations as isolation wards for treatment and have procured the essential medicines required for managing the disease.

We already have kits to be worn by our health workers and currently have 15 Machakos health workers in intensive training on how to deal with the Corona Virus disease. We are working on getting more supplies of essential kits and medicines.

We have set aside two modern ambulances to be used to ferry any patients suspected to be ill or who have been infected with the virus.

We have a 24 hour surveillance team that had been ensuring the 11 people in Mavoko, Machakos county, who recently came from China, are in self-quarantine. The surveillance team is also, daily, monitoring and recording the health conditions of the people who arrived recently from China.

My Government has also set aside 200 acres of land for the emergency construction of a quarantine camp or isolation centre and are embarking on civil works soon as we prepare for a worst case scenario.

My Government has been keeping Wananchi informed of any new information and we will be rolling out a public communication campaign for the people Machakos on how to keep healthy and safe from the disease.

I congratulate the National Government for the emergency preparedness they have taken, including the recent one of barring flights from several European cities from coming to Kenya. Prevention, as the old adage goes, is safer and cheaper than a cure.” read the governor’s post.

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