Kitui man claims to have discovered cure to COVID-19


Amidst the sorry state the country now wallows in due to the biting Covid-19, a middle aged man from Kitui now claims to have discovered a cure to the virus.

Meshack Musyimi, a resident of Matongoi, Kangangi ward of Kitui county said that he had an epiphany in a dream, in which he claims, he discovered a cure to the Covid-19.

While speaking to a local media platform, Mr. Musyimi said that the cure is a blend between two trees with medicinal value. He also noted that the two plants are found in his rural home.

“I dreamt of two trees and was shown how to mix them so as to make the substance fit for human consumption. When the number of Covid-19 infections hit 154, I had another dream in which I  gave it to the patients, and they all recovered.” Meshack narrated.

The man, who now believes that God is using him to save lives claims to have told the dream to his neighbors on Nairobi who brushed him off. He later travelled back to his motherland where he shared the epiphany with his parents. They believed him.

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Meshack Musyimi, the Kitui man who claims to have discovered a cure to the Covid-19 virus in a dream. [PHOTO/ MAUVOO. COM]
The parents however asked him not to rush into any decisions but wait to have another revelation. Musyimi claims to have had a similar dream a second time and now calls for the local government to facilitate a study into his manifests.

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