Kitui South on its death bed, resident cries out


“Kitui south constituency has six wards Namely Ikanga,Mutomo, Mutha, Mathima, Kanziko, Ikutha and Athi Ward. Kitui south is one of the most privileged parts of kitui county, one would wish to belong in. 

It’s a beautiful place sorrounded by beautiful hills, Mutha hills, Mutomo hills, Imathenya hills, yatta plateau and Ithumba hills and a Plenty of land.There are a lot of neglected resources. *(Limestones, Iron ore, manganese, copper, zinc, blue & Red sapphire etc)* We have a good number of willing,innovative and visionary young blood.A fully flexible persons.

We have been patient as people.Our leaders are known for giving empty promises and false hopes.I grew up waiting for water at every homestead.I have now grown beards waiting for quality education.

We have had misplaced priorities as people. We have failed to understand the “REAL PROBLEM” within us.
Water and education is the most needed items to us.

What are the valuables of Water?
We have big lands and biggest permanent Rivers (Athi, Tiva and Thua). Unfortunately, the land is idle and the climate is hostile.

If only for the last 20 years, every leader was genuine enough to dig us a number of boreholes! At least 6 out of 10 homesteads would be having water in the compound. We would therefore be able to do some small scale irrigation if not large scale as we have Athi, Tiva and Thua rivers among others. 

We are buying onions, cabbages,tomatoes etc from outside Kitui south .Other communities are beneficiaries to what should be going round us.

Enough water translates to farming. Hence,available jobs to us,availability of money.Less pressure in funding education. More young men and women enrolling in higher learning institutions.Hence,the entire community is fully equipped with resources.Where everyone is able in one way or another.

The leaders will also have less pressure from their people. When human beings are a bit satisfied.They don’t expect much.They therefore, don’t notice the much not being done to them.Instead they notice that small done and applause loudly, an added advantage to leaders.

What can Education do?
Education is in most cases associated with success. If successful, you have resources, money part of these resources.In case the road to your home need some repair. You don’t have to beg your MCA Tony, Tangawiz, Mwalimu, Munuve, Masaku or mbiti , MP Hon Rachael Kaki, Senator or Governor to refit it for you.You can sit down as the villagers, calculate the cost and raise the required funds.

When you have students in your village who can’t afford school fees.You can comfortably sponsor their education. There will be nothing like,I have been denied bursaries…. Nakathalikar.

When you have doctors from within the six ward of kitui south .These are our sons and daughters willing to attend to us at a friendly price or free.No time for complaints of a hospital with no medicines or enough doctors.

All these are advantages which bring about peace, love and unity amongst ourselves.However, we have been ignorant,we have failed to see and internalise the good “thing” in it.

What do we see instead?
Families sleep without food.We have to seasonally visit the shambas.Other times,we are inconvenienced by the unreliable rains.Eventually, frustrations and total hunger.

Our beloved brothers and sisters have dropped out of school.Not because they wanted to,situations force them.Many are wasted in miraa and cheap liquor.Where is the next generation when the entire community is infertile?

The few who managed to go to towns are in ‘MJENGO’ or such related ‘killing’ jobs.Carrying big stones and 50 Kilo bags of cement.Our brothers ‘beat’ at tender  ages .Again, when and how do you raise money for serious projects from the earned peanuts. Our ladies are said to have joined our men in ‘MJENGO’.Ladies are weak vessels. It’s not advisable for ladies to do such heavy jobs.Am sad,they have no choice!

Our ladies are never lucky.After years or months of tarmacking in search for a house job.They meet these ‘Deprived sponsors’ who later impregnate them.Leading to unplanned marriages. Not to mention the ‘fathers’ who run away from responsibilities .Leaving the desperate lady pressed hard by life like hell. Poverty begin to pile.

These are just but small related bad leadership problems.You can do a lot as an individual. But you cannot do what a leader can do.However rich you are,you cannot educate every child in your village but a leader can educate most of them.You cannot dig the many boreholes a leader can do.You cannot build as many hospitals as that a leader can establish.

I said change is a hard process.It takes time.We need leaders who will start it for us.Just a few boreholes. Just a bigger number of means of acquiring education. Trust me you,in a number of years to come,we will be doing it for us.Without having to complain too much to our leaders.People must complain a time like now.We feel the hit.The pressure is way too much.Let us transform Our Lovely kitui south six Wards by electing leaders who understand our pain.

Thank you.”


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