Inside Governor Alfred Mutua’s White House office

Machakos county government offices that cost Kshs. 350 million. The building is a spitting replica of America's White House.

The Machakos governor Alfred Mutua now has his own White House. This is after the completion of the Machakos county government offices,designed and built like the America’s White House. The house is characterized by physical appearances rivaling those of the White House including size and colour.

The house is rumoured to have cost the county government a whooping Kshs 350,000,000. The governor and his entourage have already started moving in into the magnificent building. This was confirmed by the County director of communication,who hinted that a section of staff had already set operations in the house.

A reliable source from the country has confirmed that the house is made up of an East Wing as well as a West wing. The west wing will house the governor and his executive chief of staff. It will also provide room for hosting  Dr. Mutua’s executive meetings and entertaining high profiled dignitaries.

The east wing on the other hand will host the office of the First Lady, the governor’s advisors as well as other support staff. This wing also has an inhouse conference facility that can hold upto 200 people. This facility will be used to hold county meetings, meet members of the county assembly and other guests.

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The office also has banquet rooms where governor Mutua can entertain his dignified guests.  The new office is a superfluous upgrade of the old one as it provides ample space and convenience to host all the county staff members I see o e building.

The new office is a two-storey building spotting a white colour on its exterior with assorted pillars in a manner that the White House was designed.

Governor Mutua entertained the 47 governors when he hosted the council of Governors’ meeting in his new office on Wednesday, May 6.

A section of Governor’s posing in front of Machakos County’s new White House offices during the Council Of Governors Meeting on May 6.
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