Governor Ngilu Suffers another Blow.

The Kitui county Assembly chambers.

It is a sad day for Governor Charity Ngilu.

Our team can confidently and verifiably report that Ngilu is tonight shedding tears and gnashing teeth.


This, is after her fraudulent nominees for the Kitui Public Service Board  were felled at the floor of the assembly even after sending mpesa to MCAs as a lobby mechanism.


Ngilu’s lickers at the assembly that included a Kitui Rural MCA suffered a massive heart attack after their underhand dealings to lobby members to approve the list went up in smoke.


The said MCA is said to have pocketed  Ksh10,000 tabled a motion that sought to APPROVE all the nominees as forwarded to the assembly by embattled Ngilu.


But Shock on the MCA as the members voted to disapprove of his motion. And by a majority vote, the MCAs voted to REJECT the ENTIRE LIST


“Mr Speaker, let us not forget this board will outlive this House and so we should only approve people of high integrity and standing in society. Above all they must meet the academic threshold. There should be no shortcut no matter the lobbying from a section of our colleagues” said a member.

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