Defiant Kitui Assembly Derailing Development – Governor Charity Ngilu


Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu today censured the County Assembly of Kitui for what she says is constant efforts to derail development in the county.

Addressing Members of the Fourth Estate today, Governor Ngilu accused members of the majority wing in the assembly for playing politics with profound matters affecting the county.


This comes a day after the county assembly rejected the nominees for the County Public Service Board even after they’d passed interviews and held obligatory credentials for the same.


“Today is a sad day –The County Assembly passed the Mwingi Municipality but shot down the list of nominees- the said municipality cannot work without members who must be interviewed by the same board”. She said.


The Governor asked the assembly to discharge their constitutional mandate without frustrating processes enshrined in the law.

“It hurts the common mwananchi when politicians settle political scores by delaying key procedures”. She added.

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Governor Ngilu noted that the assembly had before rejected among others a supplementary budget, a yearly budget and two nominees for chief officer positions saying the members were out to intimidate the Executive and derail development in the county.

She said the process had been delayed since February saying the MCAs must shun party politics and serve the electorate.

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