Governor Ngilu Slams Speaker Ndoto for selfish interests


Governor Charity has accused Speaker George Ndoto for being a barrier in matters county progress.

Speaking to the media today, the Governor said the Speaker had constantly failed to act with honesty in key issues affecting the county, lately accusing him of delaying the establishment of a new County Public Service Board.


The Governor says Speaker Ndoto has vetoed the establishment of a new board citing his selfish interests to derail the process calling on him to focus on the county agenda and stop advancing selfish political interests.


Governor Ngilu said that while it was not wrong to be ambitious, the ambitions of politicians should not override the county development agenda.

“I have beaten him continually in political contests before, it would be wrong if he chooses to settle scores with county matters’. Ngilu said.


The Governor said a time comes when the good of the county is better than an individual’s ego and it was sad Speaker Ndoto continues to abuse his influence at the assembly’s helm of leadership.

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