My doshi knows no old people-Ngilu warned


Mwingi self proclaimed activist, Katiwa Nzoka this time round has left many covering their mouths, thanks to his careless utterances.

The WhatsApp activist, who never lets the sun set without ‘beating’ Governor Ngilu’s administration which has been termed by many, a FAILED regime.

This come few days after Kitui MCA’s vehemently turned down a motion that was tabled by Mbitini ward MCA to put a nod to PCB nominees presented to them by the Governor

According to hearsay, one of the nominee had a previous case of raping a school girl and the county legislators feared he would eat their girls up once he ascented into power.

Despite the Mother of corruption,as she was once referred by Nguni MCA, Jefferson Kiruru, ordering the Deputy Speaker to send them 5k for them to pass the motion, they spit on her face

The episode brought lots of unfolding series of events as some WIPER MCA was roughed up and chased form Governor’s office.

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Today, Kitui Mr.know it all,Katiwa has however disclosed that Governor’s plan is to pay women to strip naked in a bid to stage manage that they demand MCAs to approve the PSB nominees.

Katiwa has called for kitui Men to rise to the occasion,

“If they strip naked, we also strip and meet them in our birth suits, then mercilessly have a taste of their honey pot,” Katiwa stated

He also dared the Governor to also show up naked as she is one of kitui women, and he will not fail to unleash his kisithe on her.

He further said that his chuma knows no old persons and that he will dig her to the core…

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