‘Pornographic’ Governor at it again


An aging governor in Lower Eastern has shown how much he/she loves to watch the bedroom act live and in broad daylight.

In normal situations, the exercise is conducted at night and when the lights are off, but the county boss this time wants to watch it live.

This is after the Governor called her female electorates to strip naked to show their honeypot to the male counterpart in a bid to ‘angrily demonstrate’ that the county head is being oppressed by county legislators.

This call is said to push for political interest as well as maintaining panya route for cash.

What was not clearly stated in this call is the streets set aside for the said naked demonstrations, which the governor cannot wait to witness as he/she gave the notice in advance, perhaps for proper preparations.

Opponents are said to be silently preparing ‘team mafisi’ to get 1. Optical nourishment as well as 2. Boy child to as well prepare to fall into Governor’s temptations.

Our sources have revealed that the women invited to strip naked are minus Governor’s children (Women) and relatives begging the question are they less women.?

Is this the definition of leadership?

Does one have to gain political mileage at the expense of self-geared poor voters?



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