Kitui Governor’s advisor gets drunk and insults electorates


Kitui Governor’s advisor on Media Ms Fatuma Ngesa on Wednesday got drunk with powers and vomited what was be her ears.

She took to her insults to social Media, telling electorates who seemed to be on opposition side to go to hell.

Fatuma’s screenshot

“Mafi ya kuku” Ngesa reffering to a online user who was drumming up support for former Kitui Governor, Dr Julius Malombe.

Adding salt to the wound she posted “Shit hole!”

Some of senior Online users had some piece of advice to their Kitui East daughter

Derrick Geziman: Fatuma mwa nuutuvalukya….

Eric Ndemange: When power gets in your head, you usually forget there’s power of living God , power of the people.

Mattermatizer culminated it with a piece of advice to our team that we should avoid engaging the county official mututho hours. “Never ever engage her at wee hours. The right time to do so is from 8 to 4” he posted

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