REVEALED-Governor Ngilu is as broke as a church mouse


Kitui county boss, Charity Kaluki Ngilu has suddenly gone broke, thanks to her recent behaviors.

KO sources have confirmed that the GVN has failed terribly in maintaining her political wave and support, leaving her ‘bootlickers’ hungry and angry.

In my personal opinion she has failed to maintain her supporters county-wide and many have opted to support her opponents.

She has lost close to 90% of her supporters and getting the wave she used to command is next to impossible.

In this case, many youths are bitter with her and they’re now positioning themselves to support another candidate by 2022.

This is evident in so many opposition groups formed to oppose the incumbent Governor.

It’s still a wonder how Governor Ngilu took over 200 youths to work in KICOTEC with no pay yet they are producing masks for sale.

Where does she take the money?

Is this what she termed wealth creation?

Youth empowerment or it is exploitation?


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