Senator Enock Wambua goes for Governor Ngilu’s neck

Governor Charity Ngilu with the Kitui county senator Enock Wambua at a past event. [PHOTO/ADMIN]

In an interesting twist of events, the kitui county senator, Enock Wambua has registered his dissapointment in the county’s Commander in chief, Hon. Charity Ngilu.

In as post filled with sharp words, the senator called out governor Charity Ngilu for going up against Kalonzo Musyoka.

Wambua called on governor Ngilu to desist from dragging the name of Kalonzo Musyoka into what the senator termed as her “self-inflicted woes”. He further noted that Ngilu has been on the spot light for wasting the county’s resources and funds.

“If you really care about the people of Kitui County, you must apologise to them for wastage of their time and theft of their resources by your administration and do the most honourable thing; resign.” the senator said.

Wambua also revisited last year’s incident where Kitui county’s offices were razed down by a fire. According to him, Enock Wambua, the fire conveniently burnt evidence of misuse of funds, or rather availed an alibi of the presence of any records.

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“Last year, the County Assembly of Kitui adopted the report of a special committee investigating the cause of the fire that gutted Finance offices. In the report, the committee isolated you, in your capacity as Governor of Kitui County, as the first person of interest and recommended that you be investigated. We know who has been protecting you from facing the full force of the law over several and serious cases of corruption. Both you and your surrogate, prepare for a big shock.” Enock Wambua finalised his accusations.

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