MCA,”Wont hesitate to expose the rot,” ; CECM, “We chop off disloyal

The Kitui county Assembly chambers.

Kitui county minister for Land, Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Eng. Jacob Kakundi has bitterly attacked Mutonguni ward MCA Hon. Musse Mati for not expressing unwavering support to the county government of kitui under the headship of Gov. Charity Ngilu.

On a phone conversation, the county legislator defended himself arguing that he wasn’t conversant with the house proceedings whereas the county minister angrily answered the county legislator that the phrase “being unaware of the house proceedings, ” has become the order of the day with almost each MCA using it in their defence over why they voting no even to the crucial immediate County Bills.

Here’s the phone conversation..


In response, the merciless CECM revealed to Mati that they won’t tolerate anymore the hide and seek game that is being played by those intending to vote out the County Bills thus derailing the development progression.

The CECM has maintained that they will keep chopping off ears of the characters that seem deaf to the master blaming such individuals for being the obstacles hindering the speedy provision of services to the people.

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The MCA, in his part stroke that he wouldn’t hesitate to undress the rot by the county government of Kitui to the public.Mati said that he will remain at the battle front line in the fight against the imprudent use of public resources geared towards benefiting only a few cartels sidelining the millions of the Kitui residents.

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