Makindu Quarantine Facility Poorly Equipped, Complains Victims


Complains over the preparedness by the government to take care of those at quarantine facilities have been raised by the victims contained in KMTC Makindu.

They’re complaining that the government is delaying in the provision of the basic human requirements forcing them to seek an alternative way.This has added an extra weight to their already heavy loaded shoulders.

The contained persons, 18 in number, have complained that food and water provision is being poorly catered for in the quarantine centre thereby forcing them to make purchases from the nearby shops.They’ve added that the quantities of free food and water at the centers are not being timely provided alongside being insufficient.

The quarantined persons were narrowed down to by the officers from the Ministry of Health after being suspected to have made contact with the first corona virus victim in Makueni who was reported in Malili town, Kilome Sub County.

Kalanzoni MCA Ben Kilonzi, where the patient was found, has urged the ministry to better the quarantine facilities so as to moralize those those being contained by the government to avoid the massive spread of the Corona Virus.

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