Ngilu’s administration start chewing her own people.

H. E Charity Kaluki Ngilu - Governor, Kitui County

The County Executive of Kitui has started yet another plan to silence the most senior officers who can’t tolerate the rot in the government.

In the latest scheme, Mineral and Natural Resources Chief Officer Mr Clement Munyithya was sent on a 90 days compulsory leave.However, no much details about the immediate compulsory leave to this senior county officer has yet been revealed by the ministry.

compulsory leave for Mineral and Natural Resources Chief Officer, Mr Clement Munyithya

According to sources privy to KituiOnline the leave is in bad faith.It is suspected that the incorruptible officials are slowly being wiped out and their positions to be replaced by the junior officers who will have no say in their respective department.

This way, the gluttonous corruption thirsty cartels will have paved their way to realize their agenda of money plundering.

Ngilu’s administration has hatched the plan to victimize her own people. The decision to chop off the senior county executive officers is rumored to be the new way to appoint junior officers as acting COs who are easy to manipulate. The looting spree is in its planing stage as three other ministries will be affected by the said compulsory leave.These ministries includes Youth, Administration and Agriculture

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