Governor Ngilu is hiding in the desert – Athi MCA

Majority Leader,Tangawizi

Athi Ward MCA legislator in response to the ongoing drama series driven by kitui county governor Hon. Charity Ngilu said the Kitui leaders are prepared.

Her moves does not come as shock to many of us, we knew it before and we always been ready for these moves.” said Hon Tangawizi.

He vowed to lead his counterparts to ensure that Kitui County Executive serve the interests of common mwananchi.

We promise to remain in the oppositions benches as long as kitui County Executive does not serve the interest of the Kitui county people.” He added

We are not scared of the Ngilu’s dramatic moves to recall mcas, let her continue but nothing she will achieve. Let her know that people are fed up with her and go home honarably as a leader who delivered nothing to kitui County residents.

We promise to take ngilu toe to toe both on the ground and boardrooms. We shall never retreat to hold her administration accountable, we shall not retreat in our role to oversight her as enriched in our Kenyan constitution, exposing at all times her parasitic and greedy ways to rape kitui County resources.

We will forever as County Assembly of kitui remain united in protecting the interests and resources of kitui County no matter the cost we will bear at the end.”

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