Kitui Utaisomea kwa gazeti, Mca warns Ngilu as impeachment looms


An angry Mwingi Mca has taken to Ngilu and angrily told her that she will soon bear the tittle Kitui former Governor.

The MCA who has since been angered and irritated by Ngilu’s way of governance, has told her that she will soon kiss her top sit goodbye.

We are tired!we cannot stomach this any longer,this woman has to go!” he stated.

Complains from all corners of the county have been recorded as Kitui people are fed up with the current administration.

Taking it from the deteriorating health sector,casual labourers unpaid dues, poor roads, neglect.

Kitui can set a record of the most looted county,thanks to Madam Ngilu’s craving for cash at the expense of her voters.

A motion has been moved at the floor of Kitui county assembly to impeach the embattled Governor.Let’s see how the events unfolds. #SaveMusangi

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