Leave Kitui MCA’s out of your perpetual losses & Irredeemable failures, MCA Ndile warns Governor Ngilu.


In a tough warning released to most media houses, Hon Ndile has sent a message to embattled Kitui Governor, Madam Charity Ngilu.

Kitui County cannot be dissolved because of an individual’s selfish interests.! Kitui is bigger than you, Madam Governor. “ It is you to leave because you have totally failed the people of Kitui

Likening the happenings with the Kitui Governor to the biblical king Saul, Ndile reiterated that ,’ Even God has rejected you” 1Samuel 15:23.

The County Assemblies Forum ( CAF) is a body that stands for the welfare of its members in all the 47 Counties. Ndile in her warning quoted violent incidences in the Governor’s offices by hired goons whereby some MCA’s Hon Alex Wambua, Hon Charles Maema & Hon James Munuve from Kyome Thaana, Kivou, & Kanziko wards respectively have experienced while on goodwill visits to the governors offices.

The Kanziko MCA was attacked after having spent the entire day in preparation of the county’s 2020/2021 budget.

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The above incidences are unfortunate. How does she expect a working relationship when her offices are out of bounds for the County Reps.? All the above incidences have been recorded as statements with the police.

Nevertheless, the harassment must STOP forthwith, warns the CAF’s VC. Seeking to clarify the governors repeated attacks on the wiper leadership, Hon Ndile had this to say, I can speak clearly & independently as a member who is neither from the Wiper nor the Narc parties. We made an MOU to work together as 54members of the county assembly to serve the people of Kitui once we are in the chambers and not to be divided along party lines as the governor is insinuating.

There is a saying in Kamba, “Mbua Yiulea Kua Yikwatasya Ukungi” meaning the rain keeps blaming the wind for its failure to rain!Kitui residents entrusted the Governor with an entire county, but they have been totally let down and are wallowing in extreme poverty & suffering. Leave the Wiper Leader out of your self- inflicted woes, reiterated the Jubilee’s nominated MCA.It is quite unfortunate that the Governor has become a ‘master’ of lies.

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For clarity’s sake, on the accusations that we have refused to approve the county budgets, out of three main budgets (this year’s ongoing) and several supplementary budgets ( approximately 6 or 7), the facts are that the county assembly rejected ONLY one supplementary budget. The rest of the budgets we have approved & given her monies to run the county. Unfortunately she has run down the Kitui County and made it the epicenter of satiricals and theatrics.

Under the current Governor’s tenure you can only compare the County to Chinua Achebe’s ‘Things Fall Apart’ May God help Kitui County with God- fearing leadership!

HON Esther Kalunda Ndile is a health Psychologist who holds a Masters degree (Mpsyc ) from the University of Nairobi (UoN) with Ongoing PhD in Mental Health Treatment (IDDT Models).

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