Shame: Kitui patients referred to Garissa Referral Hospital


It is a shame as 13 patients from Ngomeni, Kitui County are admitted in Garissa County Referral Hospital.

More than 13 patients hospitalised at Garissa Level 5 hospital have decried neglect by Kitui county government.

The patients, whom 11 are children below 10 years have been admitted at the Referral hospital after they were diagnosed with Kal Azaar, a disease caused by sand flies.

The affected residents are those from Ngomeni and Tseikuru wards in Mwingi North sub county who border Tana riber county who are well know for camel herding.

The flies are said to come from the camels which when they bite a person, they develop symptoms of a swollen stomach.

However, despite Ngilu’s promise to better health in Kitui, the 13 patients have been forced to seek medication at Garissa level 5 hospital after they were told there are no medications in Kitui .

Peter Muthengi, whose five year old daughter is admitted at the facility said it is a shame for Kitui residents to seek medications as far as Garissa while Kitui has 14 level 4 and 3B hospitals.

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“Madam Ngilu wherever you are, know you have failed us, we are in shame,” lamented Muthengi.

“We have been nicknamed Ngilu’s ward after occupying a whole ward,” added Muthengi.

What is our (Kitui) government doing!?

Where is Kitui County Health Insurance Cover, KCHIC?

Iko wapi pesa ya mwananchi?

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