12 reasons for the impeachment of Kitui County Governor

Kitui governor charity ngilu/nation

The impeachment motion of Kitui County Governor, H.E Charity Ngilu has been forwarded to Clerk of the County Assembly of Kitui.

The County Assembly of Kitui NOW resolves to remove by impeachment Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu (herein after referred to as the “County Governor”) from the office of the Governor of Kitui County pursuant to Article 181 (1) (a) (b) & (c) of the Constitution, Section 33 of the CG Act and Standing Order. No 60 and all other enabling provisions of the law on the following grounds: –

1. Gross Violation of the Constitution & the CG Act by failing to Honor Summons of the Senate.

2. Gross violation of the Constitutional requirement and the CG Act by failing to comply with the two third gender rule in appointments.

3. Gross Violation of the Constitutional Right to Health for the People of Kitui County.

4. Gross violation of the Constitution (Conflict of Interest Contrary to Articles 73 (1) and 75 (1) of the Constitution) and Abuse of Office in the purchase of a stationary stone crusher plant

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5. Gross violation of Section 44 Of the County Governments Act by Irregularly and Unlawfully Hiring of The County Secretary

6. Gross violation of the CG Act by failing to dismiss Phillip Mutinda Mumo, the County Executive Committee Member for Trade, Co-operatives & Investments

7. Gross violation of the Income Tax Act by failing to remit statutory deductions to the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA)

8. Gross Violation of the provisions of the Section 130 of the Public Finance Management Act on the management of the County Wage Bill

9. Gross violation of the CG Act by Failing to Constitute A County Public Service Board

10. Gross violation of the Public Finance Management Act

11. Reasonable Grounds that the County Governor has committed crimes under Section. 96, 391 and 393, of the Penal Code Cap 63

12. Undermining the Authority of the County Assembly

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