Kisasi MCA Kicked out of House committees


The Assembly of Kitui has approved the motion on the removal of the Chairperson of the house Committees.

This motion to eject Kasee Musya who’s is also the MCA for Kisasi ward had been moved by Eliud Nding’uri (MCA, Ngomeni Ward) and seconded by David Thuvi (MCA, Kithumula).

Musya has been ejected on the following grounds:

1. A vote of no confidence by the Liaison Committee which he chaired previously.

2. Gross violation of the Constitution

a. Violation of Chapter 6 of the Constitution

b. Violation of Sec 26 (1)(a) and Sec 28 (a)(c) of the County Powers and Privileges Act. He used his office to bribe members to vote in a certain way during the consideration ot the Appointments Committee report on approval of nominees to the Kitui County Public Service Board. Members displayed Mpesa messages as proof of receiving the money and recorded statements with the police.

3. Barring the MCAs from accessing the Chamber as was evident during the Emergency Bill where he ordered the chamber doors while the Majority Party had requested time for consultation.

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